Cyber Defence covers a wide range of activities that are essential for enabling your business to protect itself against attacks and to respond to a rapidly evolving threats in the contemporary virtual world. Typically, cyber defence management includes a range of services that aim at long-term assurance of your business - from implementation of management systems that develops business security resiliency, to training and guidance that enables your employees to establish the right cyber security culture. Using these services, Cyberdef Ltd. provides you with the assurances you need to run your business without worrying about the threats that may occur and to ensure that your security strategy is practiced in the most effective way.

Cyber testing

Cyber testing is a process of comprehensive exercises in the IT environment in order to identify vulnerabilities of the system and to reduce incident impacts, such as vulnerability scanning, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, security audit and/or configuration review.


Governance, Risk Management and Compliance represent a strategic approach for enabling information security and business continuity in a sense of compliance according to internationally recognised standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301 or ISO 31000.

Supporting practice

Supporting cyber practice is a subset of the information security management processes which can be implemented as a supporting process that includes asset management, access management, data classification, data leakage prevention or incident management.

CyberDef Ltd.

CyberDef Ltd.

CyberDef Ltd is a consulting company with strong emphasis on cyber defence services for small and medium enterprises in wide range of industries - Financial and Banking Sector, Healthcare and Education, Government and Public Administration, and other sectors that recognise information security and business continuity as critical domains in their work. With a long experience in information security consultancy, CyberDef is providing reliable services based on a comprehensive approach, effective knowledge transfer and improvement of the organizational skills through utilization of internationally recognized standards and management systems.

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