Regulatory compliance is becoming a demanding requirement for business today. May require significant financial, human and time resources and takes the business away from its main purpose.

Administrative regulations strictly condition market entry and constrain the way business operates. Very often may not be seen as business-friendly and may include significant repressive penalties.

A regulatory vocabulary represents a significant obstacle and may cause disputes in interpretations. In such way, the interpretations may be wrongly utilized, and not in the interests of the business.

Certification of compliance, performed by independent and objective certification body assures an organization in their compliance against a regulation. It clearly interprets the regulatory requirements into the applied organizational measures and helps an organisation to properly answer the regulatory questions. It removes risks related to interpretations and simplifies the regulatory inspections.

Regulatory certifications:

General Data Protection Regulation
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Payment Services Directive 2
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, US