Normative cybersecurity standards are internationally recognised and well-established management standards. They have become a cornerstone of the cybersecurity and universally accepted worldwide.

They represent a list of requirements required for forming a management framework for establishing a robust and efficient system of cybersecurity. In that capacity, they are capable to incorporate other regulations and sector-specific standards in one.

They are extensive and very demanding frameworks that require proper understanding, skilful application considering the context. In that form, they can uphold great success, and turn out a big failure.

Certification of compliance, performed by independent and objective certification body confirms an organization’s compliance against standard requirements. It clearly identifies organizational measures and means and compares with requirements in the context of business. The final goal is to identify compliance and find opportunities for improvements, which should become a foundation for establishing a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Certification shemes:

Information Security Management System
Business Continuity Management System
Disaster Recovery Management System
Risk Management
Incident Management System
IT Services Management System