Certification bodies have a very sensitive task. Must evaluate a system in an objective and impartial manner, and at the same time maintain trust and a relationship with the client. On the one hand, they must be strict, on the other hand, must have an understanding and create added-value for the client.

The benefits of an external audit can be very beneficial for an organization. On the one hand, board and management can get honest information from the process, and on the other, concrete suggestions for improvements, not previously noticed.

Any audit or assessment brings tremendous stress on an organization. Particularly in case of restrictive regulatory inspections which can result with limiting the business. Therefore, the audits must be lead encouraging, being worthy and relevant for an organization.

We are a certification body exclusively dedicated to the certification according to cybersecurity schemes. Our focus is on the cybersecurity matters as the IT became a platform which heavily influences on any business. It is almost impossible to exclude cybersecurity from the regular business operations, yet the cybersecurity still has no appropriate recognition considering its importance.

Our Vision

In regards to cybersecurity, the certification industry as is, may be considered as unsuitable and obsolete. By the structure, it is inert and sluggish. Holding by their established procedures they disregard important regulations and IT-specific standards and do not offer the right solutions for certification scope.

Therefore, we want to establish cybersecurity into certification and adjust certification to cybersecurity.

Our mission

Unlike other certification bodies, our mission is to help businesses to get the approval of their compliance to all cybersecurity matters, including administrative regulations, normative standards and IT-specific standards.

In that sense, as an independent body, we rigorously perform objective and impartial audits against required requirements, and validly approve their compliance.